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Why join a youth orchestra program?

Playing in an orchestra setting greatly enhances the musical experience for students! It creates an additional social opportunity where students can play with peers while gaining valuable ensemble skills. It also provides students with more concert opportunities, chances to play in the community and expand music they learn. It also strengthens sight reading skills while creating great friendships! 

Civic Youth Orchestra 

(rehearses in Escondido) 


San Diego Youth Symphony 

(rehearses at Balboa Park) 


Mainly Mozart Youth Orchestra 

(rehearses at Mesa College) 


School Programs 

Join your school orchestra program by signing up for the orchestra class or elective!

  • Tuition- Free! But I highly recommend always contributing to the boosters programs!

  • Support music in schools and building strong orchestra programs

  • Have a break in your day from rigorous academic courses

  • Take part in fun field trips to perform at Knotts Berry Farm or Disneyland

  • Fulfill Arts Elective Credit in high school

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