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Benefits of entering competitions! 

Competitions are a great opportunity for students to work towards a goal of high musicianship and experience how hard work and dedication pays off! They can learn from the process of memorization, working months toward one deadline and focusing on a piece beyond the usual time to truly master it. 

Satori Strings Contest 


  • Deadline- Mid june

  • Date- Usually second weekend in July

  • Entry Fees around $45

  • Multiple categories based on instrument, age, length of playing, composer and competitiveness allow for fair competition

  • Trophies awarded for 1st-4th place

  • Chamber music categories available

SoCal Philharmonic Young Artist Competition


  • Applications usually announced via PDF on their website

  • Competition- November

  • Performance with Orchestra in March

  • Location- Orange County

  • 3 categories, repertoire is a concerto

MTAC Competitions- VOCE

Southwestern Youth Music Festival (SYMF)


  • Application usually announced via email 

  • Deadline- May 15th

  • Dates- Last two weekends in July

  • Location- CSU Long Beach

  • Multiple categories available similar to Satori Strings Contest!

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